The first family immigrants made their way from Ireland to their new home in Kerrytown South Canterbury last century.   Our Gaelic name 'O Brosnachain has various spelling including Brosnahan, Brosnan and Bresnahan all of which are acceptable.


Our original forbear Hugh is buried at Temuka cemetery. He was born in 1793 in Scartaglin Co Kerry and died some 102 years later.   Hugh came to New Zealand with his wife Deborah in their old age, but we have much to thank them for.

(My direct descendants are "bolded" and "enlarged font" for ease of reading).

I acknowledge the work completed by my cousin Sean Brosnahan in researching and writing in 1992 his book "the Kerrytown Brosnahans".

Hugh Brosnahan m Deborah Butler  

Patrick Brosnahan m Margaret Horgan

Mary Brosnahan m Dennis Hoare

Timothy Brosnahan m Eliza O'Connor

John Hugh Brosnahan m Mary Foley

Hugh Brosnahan m Julia Scannell

Cornelius Brosnahan m Margaret Foley

John Hugh Brosnahan m Mary Foley  

Deborah Brosnahan not married
Mary Brosnahan m Jack Long
Hannah Theresa Brosnahan unmarried
Hugh Joseph Brosnahan unmarried
Daniel Brosnahan m Elizabeth Agnes Mellor
Patrick Brosnahan died 20 months
Nellie Brosnahan m Jack Conaghan
Lucy Brosnahan m James Conaghan
Clara Brosnahan m Richard Carruthers   

Daniel Brosnahan m Elizabeth Agnes Mellor

Philomena Mary Brosnahan m Leo Beban
Aileen Veronica Brosnahan m James Keenan
Shona Elizabeth Brosnahan m Patrick Scannell
Francis Verdon Brosnahan m Heather Leighton
Raymond Brosnahan m Helen Scully
Paul George Brosnahan m Audrey McDonald

Paul George Brosnahan m Audrey McDonald 

Helen Brosnahan m Ron Skiffington
m Frank Dennis

Michael Brosnahan m Jennene Daly 
Peter Brosnahan m Kim Donovan
Mary Brosnahan m Grant Wilson
Anthony Brosnahan m Karen Jensen
Philip Brosnahan m Helen McMahon
Theresa Brosnahan m Paul Rush
m Kim Dwyer

Michael Brosnahan m Jennene Daly  

James Michael m Jessica Charlton
Hannah Jayne m Leighton Cox
Emma Elizabeth  m David Mitchell




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